Ricky Delmore/Yoshiguy and I both play Rock Band guitar by pushing our thumbs down on the strum bar instead of strumming up and down.
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If you guys were thinking about joining GameFly, you should do it now. It's handy and good for your achievements if you have a 360, and if I get enough people to join from my referral thingy, I get a Wii. So...Do it. Because you love me and want me to have a Wii because I'm awesome and I will love you forever.

Click here and sign up and get me a Wiiiiiii.

If this linkything doesn't work, comment with your email address, because I can put in the email and have 'em send you an email saying "Hey this person likes GameFly so you should to!" and you can use that to sign up. Yeah.


A year-end game round-up thingy.

Most played game (DS)

StarFox Command because it's the only one I've had for longer than a day, harhar. Also, it's extremely fun and addicting.

Most played game (GBA)

Pokemon Leaf Green by a landslide. That and Fire Emblem.

Most played game (Gamecube)

Hawhaw, RE4 is the ONLY game I play on my GCN anymore.

Most played game (PS2)

Probably Disgaea 2.

Most played game (N64)

This year? Uhh. Didn't play much N64...I guess it would have to be Harvest Moon 64.

Most played game (Xbox)

Lordy...Probably Halo 2. Fable, Conker, and Stranger's Wrath are up there, too.

Most played game (PC)

The Sims 2 and StarCraft.

Most played game (Xbox 360)

Dead Rising and Gears of War.

Most played game (Wii)

The I-wish-I-had-one game.

Most played system

Fuckin' A, I played all of them to death. Probably the PS2, though, because of Disgaea 2, Okami, .hack//GU, and others.

Worst game of the year

That I actually paid for? Perfect Dark Zero. Yeah, I went there.

Best game of the year

Okami by a fucking landslide. Gears of War and Disgaea 2 are honorable mentions, however. Probably some other honorable mentions I forgot to honorably mention.

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where in the world is Klobber Sandiego

Doesn't he know that people should be on their computers and not spending time with their families on Christmas

Also, if anybody a) even reads this or b) is still interested in Katharsis, I've been working on the DeltaWhatever notes for Katharsis. I can't sleep, so I'm rewriting character bios. Jay, Ted, and Zero are done so far.

A call to arms to all pirates!

Just passing this along: HELP HIM OUT!


Ahoy my fellow pirates. I've never asked much from you in the

past, but now, I am afraid, is the time.

That's right. I recently came into possession of a chest. Tis

was a very generous contribution to my new nautical quarters I

sleep in each night. She measures 22"x12" and is 9" deep. She's

quite hefty. Now here is the part where you come in.

As you can see, she is a might empty. A pirate's respect and

general swashbuckling-ness is directly proportionate to his

plunder. I am putting out a call for anyone with an adventurous

spirit to aide me in my quest to overload the chest with treasures.

Any donations that come with the tide would be greatly appreciated.

Anything shiny and resembles a coin or gem will work.

If you're stump, I also take paypal, because the fine folks at

www.deadmentellnotales.com are more than ready to

help aide me as well.

Who said there is no honor among thieves? Please help this old

pirate fulfill a foolhardy dream.

Thank you,

Captain Dan


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